Bestselling author Harriette Cole has written seven lifestyle books. Below is a bit of information about each one and where they can be purchased.

108 stitches: Words We Live By

Cole's newest book, 108 stitches: Words We Live By, is a book of meditations and quotations that guide your heart as well as your mind on the journey that is life. "When you are able to identify the profundity of the moment, the essence of the experience before you, you have the opportunity to chart your life's course with intention, enthusiasm and grace," grab a copy to read more of 108 stitches: words we live by.

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Jumping the Broom: The African-American Wedding Planner
Choosing Truth

In a world where "truth" is a relative concept, is it possible to live an honorable life? Where half-truths and relentless spin are the rule, is honesty really the best policy? Yes, says Harriette Cole, and in Choosing Truth she shows you why.

The bestselling author of "How to Be" delivers an inspiring, one-of-a-kind prescription for revitalizing your daily routine, overcoming the habit of self-delusion, and living an authentic life. "Choosing Truth" is not simply about being honest with the people in your personal and professional life; it's about being true to yourself.

Jumping the Broom is a beautiful one of a kind wedding guide written and designed expressly for African Americans. It presents everything you need to know to plan an event that is truly an expression of your personal style and heritage. Authored, Harriette Cole, gives you thirteen chapters that cover all the many details for designing the perfect wedding - from making the announcement, to choosing rings, invitations, flowers, food, attire and vows, to capturing the moment with the best photographs and videos, as well as do-it-affordably ideas on each and every chapter subject. 

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Jumping the Broom Wedding Workbook

In her book, Vows, Cole turns her attention to the heart of the special day: the wedding ceremony. With everything that is involved in planning a wedding, it is easy to get so caught up in all the details of the celebration that you lose sight of the significance of what you are actually doing -- committing to make a life together. In this beautiful volume, Cole gives you the guidance and inspiration you need to focus your energy on the spiritual and sacred aspect of your wedding day. 

This unique, practical workbook can act as a stand-alone resource but it's even better when used as a companion to the enormously successful Jumping the Broom by the same author. The only wedding workbook on the market designed for African-American couples, it will help them keep every detail organized during the busy months leading up to their big day. 10 photos. Spiral binding.

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How to Be

In How to Be, noted author and editor Harriette Cole treats manners as a resource for the empowerment of people of African descent. She offers guidance drawn from the tried-and-true experience and wisdom of our African-American elders, as well as from European mainstream traditions in many areas of life, including:
Family -- immediate, extended, and blended.

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